This product ,which was simply released before its time and thus failed. Take look

This is Sharp Aquos Crystal.

The smartphone was released by SHARP in 2014 (August) with some really futuristic design, i.e, having very thin bezels at the top and the sides.

SHARP introduces bone conduction sound technology with this phone, which means, that the whole display will act as a earpiece speaker. Crystal has a 5 inch TFT capacitive touch panel with 78.5% screen to body ratio. The phone runs on Android kitkat and has Qualcomm’s SD 400 SOC. The phone was 17% smaller than the iPhone 6, which has 4.7 inch display.

(Image: iPhone6 and Sharp Aquos Crystal, side by side in 2014)

The phone failed to impress the tech community of youtube at the time, as it doesn’t have flagship level specs as of 2014 standards. MKBHD considered this phone as a ‘Garbage’, for it’s performance and all that.

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AQUOS Crystal was definitely ahead of its time; with a smaller, sleeker and beautiful footprint. The sharp had a very good idea at that time and smartphones of 2018 are definitely following this ‘Bezelles’ trend now. Xiaomi Mi Mix was the first one to copy this idea from Sharp, and became Xiaomi’s flagship. Later on many smartphones take cues from Xiaomi’s Mi Mix design and it became a trend soon after.

(Image: Xiaomi Mi Mix)

Let’s have a glance at the flagships of today:

Apple iPhone X



Huawei P20 Pro

OnePlus 6

Sharp Aquos Crystal is definitely the ‘Hidden Gem’ that revolutionised smartphone market of today.

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