Ola Cab Driver Booked For Harassing A Woman In Bengaluru

A Bengaluru woman has filed a police complaint after an Ola driver allegedly played porn on his mobile phone during her ride, and didn’t heed her requests to stop the car.
This incident took place on Saturday. Here’s what happened, according to police sources.

The woman boarded the cab at around 6.30 am in Yelahanka. She was travelling to her office in JP Nagar. The driver watched porn on his mobile right in front of her. When she asked him to stop the car, he initially didn’t listen to her.

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But she eventually got him to stop on Kasturba Road.

The police are now hot on the driver’s trail.

“We are deeply shocked and deeply disturbed by this incident and have immediately removed the driver’s access to the platform,” Ola Cabs said.
“We are standing by our customer and have extended full assistance to the police in their ongoing investigation.”

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