Radhika Is Everywhere : Netflix India Slammed Tweet Of Zomato Like A Boss

Netflix India has been disarming hearts across the internet not simply for its first-rate tv shows but besides for its epic replies to put down the lid trolls who lately ready Radhika their target.
The versatile actress, Radhika Apte bagged three shows of Netflix India this day which includes Sacred Games, Lust Stories, and ghost but before long netizens trolled her for heart ubiquitous in every tv display of Netflix.

Recently Netflix India on the loose a spoof capture named ‘Omnipresent’ featuring lone Radhika Apte as a apply retort to her haters.

Zomato exceedingly tied the league of trolls and tweeted in communal media that ‘Paneer’ moreover is all-pervading and versatile like Radhika Apte.

But Netflix like forever managed to beat Zomato in its have possession of game by preference one correspondence from their a mixture of dishes and emphasised that ‘Radhika is Omnipresent.’

Netizens can not bring to a close themselves from applauding the Netflix India’s be aware of of humour!

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