Saturday, July 13, 2024

Read Was India’s demonetisation a success or failure ?

It was the grandest success for the BJP supporters.

It was the greatest failure for the supporters of most opposition parties and BJP haters.

It was merely a partial success for rational thinkers.

It was a stupid move according to most economists.

It meant wasting hours of time for most common citizen of India for getting your own money from the banks.

It was a death blow for many small businessmen.

It was a rejuvenating elixir for online businesses like PayTm.

It was an act of crime for those who lost their life during demonetization.

It was a blessing of God for the poor people whose accounts were used by corrupt people to convert their black to white by paying them good commission.

It was a heaven send opportunity for many unscrupulous bank officials and their touts who made tons of money during this period.

It was some days full of hard work out of proportion for honest bank officials and clerks.

It all depends on who you are and how demonetization impacted you.

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