What are some unknown facts about Google Maps?

Some of the most interesting and weird facts about Google Maps are:

  • The compound where Osama Bin Laden was shot, can be found on Google maps.
  • 23 is the maximum zoom level, only available for small number of areas. While 20 is maximum for most areas.
  • The time saved per day of using Google maps navigation routing is functionally 2 years.
  • It’s 12 billion miles per year that Google maps navigation has guided Android phone users.
  • Google is taking the advantage of reCAPTCHA system, by getting people to decode pictures of street addresses for Google maps.
  • The largest natural bridge on the earth was virtually unknown, until it was discovered on Google maps.
  • Google uses our phones to collect data for google traffic.
  • Google’s maps framework and a bit of Javascript, and you can see what would happen if nuclear bomb goes off in your city.
  • A 1000 years old ‘fish trap’ made of stones was found off the British coast with Google maps.
  • Google maps show detailed view of North Korea, but doesn’t work with South Korea. (Edited)
  • If you search for homes on Google maps, it shows all the homes in area for sale and their prices. (specific)
  • The Street View team has taken tens of million of images since 2007, and they’ve driven more than 5 million miles of road.
  • Street View camera system have 15 lenses and can produce images at about 65 Megapixels resolution.
  • Google maps almost caused a war between Nicaragua and Costa Rica.
  • Google Earth has built in flight simulator.
  • Titanic (Shipwreck) can be seen from Google earth.
  • If you want your house blurred on Street View, you can do it by requesting Google.
  • You can see where the Google Street View cars are currently driving.

Source: Google
Image Source: Google

Note: Some information is specific to particular places, it might not apply to every country in the world. #government_interference

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