Push-up bra , sports bra now it’s time for PLASTIC BRA

If you’ve ever wanted the support of a bra without all the prudish opacity of cotton, then SheIn’s clear brassiere would — in theory — be the perfect addition to your lingerie drawer.

Of course, I say “in theory” because the reviews for this trendy plastic undergarment have been extremely transparent about just how awful the contraption really is.

Behold: The “Adjustable Straps Clear Bra” from SheIn.

Based on this image alone, the bra definitely looks like something my inner millennial would be interested in. In a world of clear plastic jeans, this bra fits right in.

I don’t blame anyone who chose to buy it, but most who did ended up regretting it.

It makes what kind of noise

According to one buyer, this bra either makes some sort of ticking noise or wearing it is like walking around with a bunch of Tic Tac containers stuffed in your bra.

Either it s BNT


Basically, it’s like if Aquafina and Victoria’s Secret did a collab.

In other words, you could probably save yourself the five bucks (that’s right, it’s only five dollars — red flag! Red flag!) and make your own with a couple of one-liter Aquafina bottles.

Two-liter bottles if you’re a C-cup or larger.

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