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The top 5 things women wish men knew about a woman’s body because explaining them to a man can be embarrassing


  • Vaginas are super stretchy but they bounce back. To a vagina, sex with 100 men is exactly the same as sex with one man 100 times. They don’t conform to one man’s shape and they don’t get stretched out and used up. Does your penis get bigger just because you’ve had sex a lot? Did your dick conform to the shape of the first vagina it entered when you lost your virginity? No? Neither does a vagina.
  • Labia come in all different shapes and sizes. They don’t change size or shape just because a woman has had sex. They swell when a woman is excited just like a penis does, but just like your penis doesn’t grow because it’s used a lot, neither do labia. Labia that are tucked inside are normal, and so are labia that stick out in voluptuous folds. It’s a myth that protruding labia mean a woman has had a lot of partners.
  • You can’t have such a long penis that you put it through her cervix. The hole in the cervix is about the size of the head of a pin. Furthermore, having a dick punch you in the cervix hurts! Knock that crap off.
  • The vagina isn’t some hole that’s gaping open all of the time. In an unaroused state, it’s only 2–4″ long and what experts call “potential space.” It’s like a ziplock bag when you pull it from the box, all closed down but with the potential to open wider. In other words, all the walls of the vagina are closed down and touching. When a woman gets excited, the vagina can expand up to 200%. So guys, having a non-virgin woman be so tight you can’t get your dick in there is a bad thing—it means that she’s not excited enough for sex yet. If you go to enter her and you slide right in, that’s awesome, because she’s excited and ready for sex.
  • A woman can’t voluntarily stop the blood from trickling out of her during her period. We don’t have muscular control over our cervixes, we can’t hold it in, and we don’t know exactly when they’re going to start. They happen, the blood flows whether we want it to or not, and yes, we do have to go to the bathroom RIGHT NOW, Mr. Teacher/Boss Sir, because otherwise we’re going to look like we sat down in a puddle of red paint. Clothes aren’t cheap, and bloodstains are really hard to get out.
  • Vaginas don’t suck semen up inside and hold it there! Some of the microscopic sperm swim through the cervix, but the semen, the liquid that carries the sperm, leaks out of the vagina. The cause of this is…wait for it…gravity! Water, and semen, flow downhill.

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